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    An Appeal for Animal Protection

    I am a studentfrom Xinhua Middle School in Chongqing,China. Informedthat you have a vacancy for a student to serve as the spokesman for animals, I cannotresist my inner excitement,hoping to seize the opportunity to do somethingfor animals .

    In my mind,nothing can delight me so much as caring for animals.Wherever I go and whatever I do, I usually keep in mind that animals are angelsfrom the heaven, which bring us endless comfort and pleasure. I have been apanda lover since my childhood. Panda is so lovely that brings fun to peopleand they are regarded as the treasure of our country. Unfortunately,such a rare species is now faced with the danger ofbeing extinct。What I am eager to do is to raise people’sawareness of animal protection and appeal to more people to care for our earthcompanies.

    It is my beliefthat all human beings can make a difference together. I would appreciate it ifmy application could get your approval.





    ing 写秋的作文
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