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  • 足球队小学英语作文2020-09-152130


    Having been in Massey high School for more than one month, I still remember the first day I came here。 My eyes were lit up by seeing such three large magnificent football fields。 No doubt, for the soccer lover like my friends and me, nothing is better than the natural green—grass where we can run without any worries。

    Two weeks later, our English teacher Mr。 Brodie found us, “Do you guys like soccer? Here is a social team of Massey High lacking members, do you want to join?” “Of course!” Answered by us without hesitation。 At weekend, with an excited heart, I arrived at the field to meet my new team partners。 Even before I stood up after changing into my soccer shoes, they came to me, shaking hands with me one by one and introduced themselves。 Some of them are kiwi; some are international students like me but came from South America (Guys from there always have amazing soccer skills just like people from China can use chopsticks well!)。 During the game, I fought the best, creating the opportunities for partners。 Our efforts got the reward, because we became the winner at last and I won the cheer from my partners。 Although my friends and I performed well at the soccer game, we found the lack of strength compared with the kiwis。 So now, hard soccer training and push—up have become an indispensable part of our life。

    Many Thanks to the soccer for not only the benefits it brings to my physical health, but also the friendship and happiness。


    两周后,我们的英语老师Brodie找到了我们,“你们热爱足球是吗?现在梅西高中有一支球队缺人作文素材,你们来吗?” “求之不得!”我们毫不犹豫地答到。 周末,我们怀着颗激动的心来到球场与我们的新队友们见面。甚至还没等我换好鞋起身,他们已经走过来与我一个个地握手,同时向我介绍他们自己。有些是欧美血统的新西兰人,有些则与我们一样是国际学生,所不同的是他们来自南美洲(从那片大陆来的.小伙伴们总有令人叹为观止的球技,就好比从中国人都能完美地用筷子一样)。 在比赛中,我拼尽全力为队友创造机会。我们的付出得到了回报——最后我们获得了胜利并赢得了同伴的赞许。 尽管我和我的朋友的在球赛中展现出了自己的实力,但我们深知在身体体能上我们和我们的新队友们是无法抗衡的。于是,刻苦的足球训练与俯卧撑、仰卧起坐等便成了我们生活中的一部分。



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